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Why Teeth Whitening is Perfect for You

Need a way to boost your smile and confidence? Consider the teeth whitening program from Arkansas Family Dental!

Arkansas Family Dental in Little Rock proudly offers many teeth whitening services, including the Brighten Teeth for Life Program, that will make your smile radiate!

After an initial fee of $99, this program begins with taking custom impressions of your teeth. Do not worry though; dentists use impressions often. They help the dentist get an exact mold or outline of your teeth. The impressions then go into unique trays for pickup in a few days! You also get two tubes of at-home whitening gel, followed by another tube of whitening gel at every preventative care visit. If something happens to your trays, you can get replacement trays for just $40.

Preventative care visits are important. You must maintain visits to stay in the Brighten Teeth for Life Program. Stay up to date, and do not lose the confidence of a beautiful smile!

Six Reasons Why Teeth Whitening is Perfect for You!

1. They can improve your smile.

Teeth whitening is self-improvement. It means you care about progress and enriching your life. It also means you are willing to invest in what makes you happy.

The treatment process usually lasts 45 minutes or less, so you can gain a lot in a short amount of time! It is a small investment with an incredible return!

2. Removing stains is not painful for most.

Coffee, wine, tea, and even cigarettes you will stain your teeth regardless of your oral hygiene and regimen. Dark pigments called chromogens can stain your teeth, and the acid in foods and drinks can wear down the enamel, or outer part, thereby turning your teeth dark yellow.

The whitening process is also pain-free. You might feel discomfort in your gums from the bleach, but it is not painful in the way you might think. Those with sensitive teeth might also feel minor pain depending on the dentist’s whitening method. You can get the bright smile you want without the fear of the treatment hurting.

3. Your smile is your gateway to more opportunities.

Whether it is business, romantic relationships, or just personal development, it is important to remember that your smile is key to opening the door to opportunity.

Although everyone’s smile is different and beautiful in its own way, research suggests that a whiter smile can help grant you powerful opportunities and benefits! People see you differently. When you get a teeth whitening procedure, you gain confidence, a whiter smile, and maybe even more access to greater opportunities in work, love, and life!

4. It can build well-deserved confidence.

The brighter the smile, the happier you are. The whiter your teeth, the greater your confidence. According to a 2012 survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, about 99.7 percent of Americans believe that a smile is an incredibly important social aspect that affects confidence.

Many listed the whiteness of a smile as one of the most noticeable things about a person’s smile. When you get a whiter smile, you gain confidence, happiness, and a satisfaction you cannot get anywhere else!

5. It is better than risky, at-home whitening techniques.

Many people want a whiter smile. Sometimes, however, the idea of scheduling, paying for, and setting the appointment can keep people from accomplishing this the safe, reliable way.

This can also lead people to try at-home teeth whitening techniques that simply do not provide the results they want. At-home procedures are not as safe as professional whitening techniques.

Professional whitening can help you accomplish your whitening goals while staying away from risky techniques!

6. It is a great time to do it.

Start the new year off right! Become one of many who have prepared for upcoming weddings, office parties, and birthday parties so they can feel good and look good smiling for the camera!

A round of teeth whitening from Arkansas Family Dental will have you looking like a star at the fancy, fun, and festive occasions happening in 2019!

Talk to your dentist

As great as this treatment can be for your teeth, the treatment is not for everyone. Some whitening products like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide may not whiten your teeth depending on how discolored your teeth have become.

Although yellow teeth will likely respond well to bleach, this does not mean bleach will produce the same results with other discoloration. Brown or gray teeth might yield little-to-no response from bleach. A brown or gray tooth might also suggest the tooth has died.

Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening and whether or not it is right for you.

Arkansas Family Dental believes that joy and confidence come in the form of a brilliant smile, and we want to help you achieve it! Do not let a faded, stained smile get in your way. Give yourself a little confidence and a whole lot of convenience with one of our teeth whitening programs. Contact us today!

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