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Your Child’s Visit to The Dentist, as Told by GIFs

To prepare your child for their dental appointment, view these five informative, and fun, GIFs. Afterward, you can forge ahead into this experience with confidence and poise. 

Great dental care habits start at home with daily brushing and flossing routines, and then continue at the dentist’s office with professional examinations and cleanings. Children’s dental visits, especially the first, can sometimes bring anxiety. So, before you take a deep breath and prepare your child to visit a pediatric dentist in Little Rock, take a moment to ready yourself (and laugh a little) with these GIFs!


Emotions Hit New Highs While Facing the Unknown


Even if you always speak highly of the dentist, an ingrained fear of the unknown can leave your child clamoring for a way out of the upcoming appointment. Oftentimes, just getting through the door, and preventing your child from bolting back out, is the most difficult part of the appointment. You can temper this uncertainty by reading fun books about the dentist and sharing your own positive experiences.


Warm Greetings, Fun Toys and Kind Dentists Bring Great Relief


A warm greeting from the front desk staff, fun toys in the waiting room and kind dentists waiting in the wings all help your little one feel relaxed upon arriving at the dental clinic. Hold your head high, shoulders back and put a big smile on your face to further help your child relax during the first few critical moments after your arrival.


Cool Tools and Practices Pique Interest Instantly


A motorized chair, mobile x-ray equipment and a tray full of cool tools will surely pique your child’s curiosity upon walking into the exam room. Your kid’s dentist will help your child acclimate him or herself to the room by clearly explaining the tools and practices used at every point of the examination and cleaning. Let your excitement flow with exclamations of “Neat, “Wow” and “Look at that!” at key moments to help your child feel lucky to be the guest of honor.


Great Teeth and Smart Home Care Deserve Excellent Praise


Throughout the appointment, your child’s dentist will offer immense praise about at-home care techniques and their awesome results. As a result of these accolades, you will likely see feelings of great pride on your kiddo’s face. Upon returning back home, channel those feelings of pride to encourage continued top-notch oral care routines that keep your child’s teeth clean, healthy and shining bright.


A Successful Visit and Reward End the Appointment on a Positive Note


At the end of the appointment, excitement levels will peak as your child receives a final note of encouragement and a high five. A personal baggy of at-home oral care tools and even a little reward will encourage a big smile from your child as you wave good-bye to the dentist’s office for six more months.

Finding Dental Care for Children in Little Rock

You can schedule an initial appointment to acquire dental care for children in Little Rock by calling Arkansas Family Dental at 501-683-8886. The dental appointment will include a thorough examination and cleaning, as necessary, to help keep your child’s teeth in excellent health year after year.

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