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What to Know Before You Get Botox for the First Time

Your dentist may suggest Botox injections to assist in the treatment process for your unique dental situation. Learn what to expect to confidently undergo this innovative procedure.

To go beyond its role in the beauty industry, Botox has proven its usefulness as a medical and dental treatment for a number of conditions. In the dental world, Botox can help reduce pain signals and muscle contractions, which decreases grinding and other complicating factors. This innovative substance can even help patients adjust to new dentures or other uncomfortable dental devices. Before you acquire your first Botox treatment, it is important to understand how to proceed and what to expect.

Ask Many Questions at Your Consultation Appointment

To best understand your need for Botox, you should ask many questions at the consultation appointment with your dentist. Your dentist will outline the treatment process, discuss its benefits and inform you about the potential side effects. Ask questions that clarify the information shared about these areas to head into the treatment process fully informed.

Always Closely Follow Pre-Injection Instructions

At the consultation appointment, your dentist will clearly outline the items you need to avoid for up to a week before acquiring Botox injections. You may need to stop taking certain prescription or over-the-counter medications to ensure the injections do not cause complications that impact your health. Many dentists also suggest halting the intake of daily vitamins, certain spices and red wine for about seven days before your scheduled Botox treatment.

Results Can Take Up to 48 Hours to Appear

Although some people notice immediate results after acquiring Botox injections, most experience gradual changes over the course of 24 to 48 hours. The number of injections and their placement across your face and jawline will contribute to the overall results timeline. You can ask your dentist when to expect to notice the intended changes to better align your expectations without the reality of the situation.

Injections Can Be Repeated Every Three to Four Months

The results achieved with Botox injections only last for about three to four months before fading away. If suitable for your situation, you may have the injections repeated, as needed, to protect your teeth from damage or treat your underlying dental health condition. Your dentist will help you establish the perfect Botox and filler schedule for you.

Scheduling Your Botox Consultation Appointment

If you are ready to acquire Botox and fillers from your skilled dentist, call 501-683-8886 to schedule your consultant appointment at Arkansas Family Dental. We will help you learn more about the purpose of this procedure for your unique dental situation. Our dentists are skilled in answering all your questions and easing your worries before moving ahead with the treatment process.

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