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As an Adult, What Should I Expect When I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If you wait until the adult years to have your wisdom teeth removed, knowing what to expect will make the process much easier to manage!

On average, dental professionals tend to prefer to remove their patients’ third molars, or wisdom teeth, between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. In the early adult years, patients face a lower risk of complications since the wisdom teeth have not fully developed their root systems.

Furthermore, partial eruption of the teeth through the gums helps facilitate their quick and easy removal. If you choose to wait and see if the wisdom teeth will erupt fully, you may end up going through the extraction process in your adult years. You can lessen your worry by understanding how to best adjust your expectations before your wisdom teeth removal.

A Thorough Consultation 

At the consultation appointment, your dentist will help you understand the extraction process and confirm your eligibility for the procedure. You will need to share your medical and dental history, including your current medications, to help your dentist ensure the procedure goes smoothly. Expect the consultation to take a little longer than normal to account for this process.

Potential Impaction Complications

If you come into the office for wisdom tooth removal due to impaction (meaning that the molars don’t have enough room to emerge or develop normally), we have positive news for you—you’re doing the right thing! Untreated impaction carries a risk of infection, cyst development, and jaw pain. This is why it is beneficial to have your wisdom teeth removed as an adult. Your dentist will carefully and skillfully perform the extraction procedure to minimize risks and keep infection at bay.

Sutures to Help Gums Heal

If your dentist must cut the gum tissue to remove stuck or impacted wisdom teeth, you will likely receive several sutures in that area to help the tissues heal. Most dentists use dissolvable sutures, which do not need removal at the end of the healing period. The sutures will simply dissolve away, leaving the healed tissues intact.

Extra Downtime After Extraction

The extraction of stuck, impacted, or stubborn third molars often results in the need for a little extra downtime during the healing process. Plan to take at least day or two off work to rest at home as your mouth heals. After the swelling starts to go down, you will likely notice a decrease in pain that facilitates a return to your normal activities. Your dentist can help you gauge the healing time for your health status and dental condition.

Scheduling Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

To inquire about the removal of your wisdom teeth Little Rock, contact the team at Arkansas Family Dental by calling 501-683-8886. You can schedule your consultation appointment to discuss the procedure in detail with your dentist. After your consultation, you can schedule the extraction procedure to have your wisdom teeth removed at once.

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