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Are You Having Gum Pain? It Might Be Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are experiencing continuous gum pain, the problem may be impacted or infected wisdom teeth. At Arkansas Family Dental, our dentists can help ease the pain with wisdom teeth removal.

When it comes to dental pain, your initial reaction may be to try to get relief by taking pain medicine. However, what you’ll quickly learn is that you can’t pacify a long-term pain with a short-term fix. Be proactive and address your gum pain now by consulting with the dental experts at Arkansas Family Dental. Permanent pain relief might come in the form of wisdom teeth removal.

You Would Be Wise to Consult Dental Experts

Your third molars—better known as wisdom teeth—can be deemed “impacted” if they don’t have enough room to emerge or grow. Impacted wisdom teeth may grow at an angle toward other teeth or become trapped within the jawbone. The pain which can develop from wisdom teeth becoming infected or impacted may not appear, at first, to be a serious problem. But, gum pain is a warning sign of a potentially bigger problem, and should be looked at by a professional. In fact, everyone has wisdom teeth, but according to medical experts, 90 percent of people will have at least one wisdom tooth that is impacted.

If your dentist determines that you have impacted wisdom teeth, this could also mean the wisdom teeth need to be removed. Other issues affecting retention of your wisdom teeth can include cysts, tumors or even cavities that are too large to permit the infected wisdom teeth from being retained.

Arkansas Family Dental can evaluate your gums and teeth to determine what the probable status is for your wisdom teeth to see if retention or removal is in order.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth removal process is simple and the procedure can be done with little or a minimal amount of discomfort. After the surgery there can be mild soreness and some swelling. Any discomfort can be managed by medication prescribed by your dentist, so follow their instructions regarding post-surgical activity, eating, cleaning, and pain management. Contact your dentist if you ever experience severe pain, loss of feeling, fever, or increased swelling.

Practice Dental Hygiene

Practicing regular dental hygiene under the careful guidance of the Arkansas Family Dental staff can help prevent some of the medical issues which cause gum disease. More importantly, the trained staff will advise you on restorative options that could save your teeth if the infection has not progressed to the point where extraction is the only viable option. If an infected wisdom tooth is not dealt with, the infection could migrate to the blood stream and cause serious illness to the kidneys, heart, and other vital organs.

Eliminating continuous gum pain and restoring your dental health is what the Arkansas Family Dental expert staff guarantees. Contact Arkansas Family Dental with your questions about wisdom teeth removal or call the dental office at (501) 683-8886. If you are ready for a consultation, schedule an appointment to discuss your persistent gum pain and your options. The gentle family dentistry experts have comprehensive methods for preventative dental care and restorative services that you can trust.

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