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[VIDEO] Get to Know Christy Stevenson, Our Registered Dental Hygienist


My name is Christy Stevenson. I’m a registered dental hygienist. I’ve been here since 2010. I actually started out in this industry as a registered dental assistant and I worked closely with the doctor and so I kinda got to see the hygienist from a distance. I started understanding what they did, what their role was in the dental office & I thought I want to play a different role-just kind of more of a one-on-one.

I recognized early on that this practice is very different than any other practice in town. It’s just a fabulous place to work. It’s beautiful. We have state of the art equipment. All of us work together in teams so well and that drew me to it initially so I just don’t want to be anywhere else. I think we actually listen to the patient & we hear what they say.

We see a lot of patients who are very high fear. We take that into consideration, we make them as comfortable as we can, and after a few visits with us they come in and they’re smiling. They’re not apprehensive. They’re happy to be here & it’s really turned their attitude around about coming to the dentist and to me that is very gratifying that I have played a role in changing someone’s health. Your turning their mouth around, but it also turns their body around. They come to me and say, “You know I have more energy now. I feel just healthier overall and I can’t believe I dealt with fatigue and just discomfort for all of those years. I just thought it was part of life and then I turned my mouth around and now I feel like a new person.”

I have so many stories that just kinda share that same sentiment and it’s just wonderful that they can look to me as someone that gave them the tools to do what they needed to do at home. Then, we work hard here in the office. I get to play a role in it, but then I teach them what to do when they’re away from me and I just love that. I just want people to want to come and see me and feel like they’re special in my chair, because they are.

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