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What Does the Timeline of Invisalign Look Like?

Are you interested in Invisalign aligners, but you’re not sure what to expect from them – or whether to choose them over braces? Our Invisalign dentist in Little Rock will give you all the info you need, including this basic timeline for getting, replacing, and noticing the effects of Invisalign.

Thanks to Invisalign and other alternatives to metal braces, straightening your teeth might be more convenient and discreet than ever before. These innovations have transformed orthodontics and dental health in Little Rock, and we’re proud to offer prescription Invisalign aligners here at Arkansas Family Dental too. But how long does it take for Invisalign to work? Before you sign up for your own set of aligners, make sure you can commit to this typical Invisalign timeline.

Getting Used to Invisalign: The First Few Days

After you get Invisalign aligners in Little Rock, it may take a few days to adjust to their presence in your mouth. During these early days, a sensation of pressure and a slight lisp are both normal. Over time, the gentle force will feel normal and your speech will adjust to accommodate the aligners. Now is also a good time to get used to your new habits. For example, it’s important to remove your aligners before chewing gum or eating any food at all, but you’ll need to wear them 20 to 22 hours per day if you want the best results.

Cleaning and Replacing Invisalign: Daily and Weekly

Every time you visit your Little Rock dentist, you’ll get another batch of prescription aligners. Each aligner only lasts one or two weeks, so make sure you follow the recommended Invisalign replacement schedule. Of course, you still need to take care of your aligners in between replacements, which includes rinsing and gently brushing them every night.

Visiting Your Little Rock Dentist: Every 6-8 Weeks

As you continue your Invisalign treatment, your dentist will want to see you for check-ups and refills. Our goal is to monitor your progress and make sure your teeth are shifting gradually, without any dental health concerns along the way. Your custom Invisalign liners are designed to follow a digital treatment plan, so we can carefully and precisely map your progress as shifting occurs.

Noticing the Benefits of Invisalign: One Year

So, how long does this whole timeline actually take? Most patients need about a year of alignment before they can enjoy the best possible results of Invisalign. An average Invisalign treatment will take about a year, but everyone’s results vary.

Are you interested in Invisalign and ready to get started on your own teeth-straightening timeline? We offer Invisalign and other orthodontic options here at Arkansas Family Dental. Call (501) 683-8886 to make an appointment with an Invisalign dentist in Little Rock today.

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