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Foundations of Oral Health in Little Rock

The 411 On Teeth Cleaning — Free Educational Infographic

Learn about the benefits of regular dental check-ups & cleanings from the pros.


Preventative Dental Care

preventative dental care Little Rock

Dental hygienists and dentists work together at every visit to maintain the oral hygiene of patients. Click here for the list of hygiene services that Arkansas Family Dental performs.Schedule An Appointment >>

dental treatment Little Rock

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps prevent cavities by making teeth more resistant to acid, which causes cavities. Fluoride is commonly applied topically with gels, varnishes, or a rinse. Schedule An Appointment >>

dental sealants Little Rock

Dental sealants consist of a liquid resin that hardens into a thin plastic material when brushed onto back molars. Sealants are used to prevent plaque & bacteria build up that leads to decay.Schedule An Appointment >>


These custom-fitted mouth protectors made of acrylic are molded and designed for individual patients to be worn over teeth to protect them during nighttime teeth grinding.Schedule An Appointment >>


In patients experiencing TMJ pain, the result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint & surrounding facial muscles, a number of treatments from mouth guards to medicine are available to alleviate pain. Schedule An Appointment >>

Snoring Devices

In patients experiencing mild to moderate sleep apnea, a variety of snoring devices can be worn to open air passages during sleep by re-positioning the tongue or jaw muscles.Schedule An Appointment >>


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Our philosophy of practice is to treat you as if you were our own family. We will only use professional judgment and experience as our guides when making treatment recommendations. We are a referral-based Little Rock dental practice and appreciate meeting your friends and family. Please tell them about our practice. – Drs. Nichols & Mascagni