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How Mini Dental Implants Revolutionized Dentistry for Denture Wearers

Through the stabilization of dentures, mini dental implants have revolutionized dentistry by giving patients more security and better oral health.

Traditional dentures (partial and full upper and lower) are made to be removable, allowing patients to have a full new smile that is durable and easy to clean. However, even dentures that are well-fitted can become loose or float within the mouth, making eating confidently difficult and speech somewhat peculiar. For many years, denture adhesives were a patient’s only option for stabilization. The world of dentistry was revolutionized, however, thanks to the development of mini dental implants. Approved by the FDA, these implants – also known as denture stabilization implants – are made of small titanium facets that stabilize dentures and hold them in place while in use. Because of this revolutionary development, dentists can offer denture systems that include a procedure to insert mini dental implants and produce additional benefits for their patients.

How do they work to stabilize dentures?

Mini dental implants are inserted into the areas along your jaw where you are missing teeth. On average, four small titanium posts will be screwed into the jaw bone and a retaining fixture is attached to the top that sits above the gum tissue. The implants then act like roots for a normal tooth and dentures can be snapped into place at the sight of the implants. Each patient will need an individual evaluation and implementation plan to custom fit the mini dental implants and dentures to their specific needs. Most conveniently, the entire procedure can be performed in just one dentist’s visit.


Convenience and Confidence

One of the major problems denture wearers often experience is keeping them in place. They regularly spend mornings and mealtimes applying sticky adhesives in an attempt to eat and speak successfully. Mini dental implants can eliminate this aggravation. They keep dentures firmly in place, allowing users to smile, speak, and chew as they did before tooth loss. Because of the long-term high performance of mini dental implants, patients can look forward to a future without having to continuously purchase and apply costly adhesives.

Our society tends to resist the aging process. Age-related tooth loss, even with the advent of dentures, leaves some patients feeling insecure and unable to function in daily life as they once could. Mini dental implants anchor dentures so securely that most people will not even be able to notice the difference from the wearer’s natural teeth. This restores confidence and allows patients to continue with their usual lifestyles.

Oral Health Protection and Retention

Over time, because they rest on the gum line, wearing traditional dentures can lead to bone loss in the jawbone in the area where the tooth or teeth are missing. Because implants anchor or “fuse” with the jaw bone, bone loss is generally not a problem. By providing a stable and secure foundation for partial or full dentures, this type of implant also helps stabilize surrounding teeth and can help prevent further tooth loss.

Only a qualified oral professional can accurately determine if an individual is a good candidate for any type of dental implant. To schedule a denture stabilization evaluation or find out more about mini dental implants, contact Arkansas Family Dental. We are located at 13600 David O. Dodd Road in Little Rock and can be reached via phone at 501.683.8886. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the smile you want and deserve.

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