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Eating for Your Teeth? Little Known Oral Hygiene Advantages of the Clean Diet Revolution

A clean diet full of nutrient-rich foods cleanses your body while increasing the strength and health of your teeth and oral hygiene.

Of the many advantages to eating well, like better health and increased energy, an important one is often overlooked: the health of your teeth. Taking care of your teeth is vital to your oral hygiene, which is why following a clean diet is incredibly beneficial. Because many of the healthiest foods and drinks can also improve the condition of your pearly whites, eating healthy foods for your body also means eating healthy for your teeth. When you choose to follow a clean diet plan, and only eat “dirty” foods in moderation, you cleanse your body and your teeth of harmful chemical agents.

Choosing the Right Foods for a Healthy Smile
  • Calcium-rich foods: Calcium is vital to the development of strong teeth. It not only coats your teeth to protect them from decay, but also helps build and strengthen teeth on the spot by depositing itself directly into damaged tooth enamel. Calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt are very advantageous to your oral hygiene.
  • Crisp, fresh produce: Crispy produce such as celery, apples and leafy greens help to remove plaque build-up while you are eating. This is because their consistency requires extended chewing time thus scrubbing your teeth. In addition, these foods generate extra saliva that not only helps wash away food particles but also help neutralizes the acid found in other foods.
  • Animal proteins: Meat products like chicken, beef and eggs contain another component in teeth called phosphorous. When consumed with calcium, the two work together to rebuild lost enamel and strengthen the jaw.

    Fatty fish like salmon are another great addition to a clean, healthy diet because they contain Vitamin D in addition to phosphorous. This hormone helps the intestines absorb calcium which will improve the overall condition of your teeth from the inside out.

  • Water: Water is the best beverage you can consume for many reasons. Not only does it help keep the body hydrated, but it also helps wash away food particles that may otherwise become lodged between teeth. It also stimulates saliva which acts as a barrier to other damage-causing foods.
Foods to Avoid When Eating Healthy for Your Teeth
  • Sugary foods and beverages: The bacteria in your mouth love sweets as much as you do. The problem is that this bacteria excretes large amounts of acid in order to break them down, which will damage your teeth. For a clean diet and healthy teeth, only have sugary items in moderation and be sure to brush well with a fluoride toothpaste to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Acidic foods: In the same way you want to avoid acid-excreting bacteria, foods that are naturally high in acidity themselves—lemons, tomatoes, pickles, and wine, for example—will break down enamel as well. Though it is considered safe to eat these foods in moderation, it is recommended that they do not stay in your mouth for extended periods of time.
  • Carbonated drinks: Sodas, energy drinks, and even some bottled teas can be extremely damaging to your teeth. Not only do they contribute to tooth decay, they also make your teeth more susceptible to stains. If they are chalked-full of sugar (as many of these drinks are), your teeth will be all the more vulnerable to damage. Choose water or green teas instead.

The strength and beauty of your smile is a major part of who you are. Make sure that it’s as healthy as it can possibly be by eating healthy for your teeth and oral hygiene by joining the clean diet revolution. To learn more ways to make your smile shine, make an appointment with one of our registered dental hygienists or contact Arkansas Family Dental today.

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