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Dental Bridges: What to Expect at Your Dentist Appointment in Little Rock

With care from your dentist, you can have a missing, decayed or damaged tooth replaced with a bridge. Learn what to expect so you can walk into your dentist appointment with confidence.

If you are missing a tooth, or need to have one extracted, do not worry – Your dentist can replace the missing tooth with a bridge that looks and feels natural. The bridge spans across three teeth to securely anchor the replacement tooth along your natural gum line. With a bridge in place, you can eat, drink and speak as you had before while enjoying the cosmetic benefits of having your decayed or damaged tooth replaced. Here’s what you can expect when acquiring dental bridge Little Rock at your dentist appointment.

Bridge Selection

During the initial examination and consultation appointment, your dentist will determine which of three bridges will suit your smile the best. You may receive a traditional, cantilever or Maryland bonded bridge, depending on the shape, size and location of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

When both teeth on either side of the missing tooth are in good condition, a traditional bridge with tandem crowns will usually work best. With this situation, dentists may prefer to use a Maryland bonded bridge instead, which attaches to the backs of the teeth instead of crowns at either side. Dentists select the cantilever bridge when anchor teeth are only available on one side of the missing tooth.

Tooth Reshaping

Depending on the type of bridge selected for your procedure, your dentist will expertly reshape the anchor teeth to create a secure mounting point for the bridge. For traditional and cantilever dental bridges Little Rock, the tooth is reshaped to accept the upper crown. Dentist prepare for the Maryland bonded bridge by reshaping and prepping the backs of the anchor teeth.


Your dentist will take dental impressions next to have the lab create a bridge that perfectly fits over your anchor teeth and fills the gap. You will feel slight pressure around the procedure area as your dentist firmly pushes alginate casting material over your teeth. After a little more shaping work, the impressions are sent to the local lab, where they will construct your personalized bridge. Once the impressions are finished, you will have your teeth cleaned once more and receive a temporary bridge to wear in the meantime.

Bridge Placement

You will come back for a final appointment to have the bridge placed once it arrives back from the lab. The placement process starts with a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Upon drying your teeth with light air pressure, your dentist will secure the bridge in place with a strong dental adhesive. Your dentist will discuss the preventative dental care practices required to keep your bridge and natural teeth in optimal condition.

If you are ready to discuss the replacement of missing, damaged or decayed teeth, or simply need preventative dental care, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Little Rock at Arkansas Family Dental by calling (501) 683-8886. Your dentist will confirm your eligibility for this procedure and discuss the other treatment options available to you.

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