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A Guide To Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Dental visits can bring bouts of anxiety, and for some children, this feeling can be amplified to an extreme. This is particularly true when it comes to their very first visit. Consult this handy guide for your child’s first visit to the dentist, and learn how to make your experience as smooth as possible!

Preparing for the visit

Fill out any required patient forms in advance to reduce the amount of worries on your mind during your visit. It is always good practice to plan a list of any questions that you want to ask the dentist regarding any irregularities you have noticed, any problems you foresee with your child’s oral hygiene, or just any dental questions you have in general. 

Your dentist will be more than happy to talk you through everything, and help you to take care of your child’s oral hygiene. Remember to bring a list of any medications your child is currently taking, as this is something about which the dentist should know.

What to expect

It is entirely normal for your child to be uneasy when visiting the dentist. Do not fret too much if your child is initially uncomfortable and wary of the dentist. Our dentists have treated many children and want your visit to be as comfortable as possible. 

Throughout your visit, you will be expected to sit with your child on your lap. This helps to comfort the child as well as to keep them steady throughout the exam. The dentist will offer consistent affirmations to keep your child calm and happy. It is recommended that you do the same so that you and the dentist can make your child feel at ease throughout what could otherwise be a stressful process.

Listen to your dentist

Keep note of everything your dentist tells you about how to brush your child’s teeth as well as how to teach your child to do it themselves. Any advice they give you is backed up by years of experience and a longer history of dental care within our practice. 

The dentist will check your child’s mouth for injuries and cavities to ensure you are taking care of their oral hygiene. Whether or not your child is relaxed plays a big part in how smoothly the exam goes. This is why our dental clinics are designed with a relaxing atmosphere for children in mind. Everything you and your child experience is in place to create the best experience possible while undergoing a potentially difficult visit.

Tips for the best experience

A good tip is to schedule your child’s appointment around their naptime. The experience is likely to be much more enjoyable for everyone if your child is well-rested. Another good idea is to have snacks for after the visit. Snacks can potentially stick to the teeth, which typically is not a good first impression to make with your dentist.

Also, it is important for you and the dentist to work as a team, since you both have the child’s wellbeing in mind and are both there to ensure that your child’s oral hygiene is looked after. The better you communicate and work alongside each other, the better off your child will be.

For more information

Now that you are prepared for your child’s first visit to the dentist, it is time to schedule an appointment! For more information, contact Arkansas Family Dental at (501) 683-8886. Each dental appointment includes a detailed examination as well as a cleaning when necessary.

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