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Do You Stress About the Dentist? Here are 5 Tips for a Great Appointment

Even thinking about going to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. But the reality is that you can take some steps to manage your fear of going to the dentist and help ensure that you maintain great dental health

We understand—visiting the dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. In fact, surveys estimate that dental phobia affects 13 percent to 24 percent of people around the world. But the good news? Our dentists in Little Rock, Arkansas are here to care for your dental health and keep you happy and healthy. The best way that we can do this is to make you feel comfortable, so here are our five tips for a great appointment.

1. Tell the Dentist About Your Fears

Don’t feel like you have to keep your fear to yourself. Dentists are used to patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist, and talking to your dentist will help them understand your fear and address it appropriately. For instance, if you are nervous about what’s going to happen or what it will feel like, they can explain it to you as they are going about it.

2. Bring Headphones

Some people like to bring headphones and listen to books, podcasts or music while sitting in the dental chair. This can help as a distraction so you’re not as focused on your nerves while the dentist is working on your healthy teeth.

3. Try Deep Breathing

Practicing deep breathing both while you’re in the waiting room and while you’re in the dental chair can help you relax and soothe your nerves. It can also help relax your jaw muscle so you’re not tensed up during your cleanings and procedures.

4. Visit the Dentist More Often

This might seem counterintuitive, but visiting the dentist more regularly means that you’ll get more accustomed to it and also that you are more likely to avoid larger issues that can result in more serious procedures. Your teeth will stay clean, and your dentist will catch any problems more quickly so they can be fixed easily.

5. Find a Dentist You Trust

It’s so important to have a good dentist that you trust and have a good relationship with. Dentists have different personalities, so you should find one who you feel comfortable with. Your dentist should always help you feel at ease and be patient with you if you’re having anxiety.

At Arkansas Family Dental, we always strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible. After all, our philosophy of practice is to treat you as if you were our own family! To make an appointment for a dental health checkup or to visit a same-day dentist in Little Rock, Arkansas, Contact us at (501) 683-8886 to schedule an appointment today!

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