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Botox Benefits: 5 Little-Known Uses of Botox Treatment

The various advantages of Botox are not widely known. In addition to cosmetic advantages, Botox can provide relief for a variety of conditions and symptoms.

Is Botox just about smoothing over wrinkles?

In a word, no. While most people think of Botox solely as a product that removes wrinkles, it has a wide variety of applications, including many that go well beyond the cosmetic. Made from a protein generated by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, this substance has the effect of partially paralyzing muscles. That means that in addition to eliminating wrinkles, Botox injections from your dental office in Little Rock can help you treat:

Eye Issues

Muscle spasms can cause your eyes to twitch or blink uncontrollably. Similarly, if the muscles in one of your eyes are not balanced, this may cause you to have trouble positioning the eye, leading to the development of lazy eye. Botox injections can be used to treat both of these conditions. By injecting Botox in the correct areas, your cosmetic dentist can achieve a better muscle balance, reduce the number of muscle spasms, or otherwise help the muscles around your eye to work properly.

Cervical Dystonia

Also the result of muscle problems, this condition occurs when the muscles in your neck contract improperly. This causes you to position your neck in uncomfortable ways, leading to pain and mobility issues. As with eye problems, Botox can calm down the muscles in your neck so that they do not contract as often. This provides relief from the pain while helping you to position your neck without difficulty.

Excessive Sweating

Severe primary auxiliary hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes you to sweat profusely, especially around your underarms. Doctors and dentists realized that they could use Botox to treat this condition ever since they noticed that those who received cosmetic injections tended to sweat less in the areas where it was applied. Since 2004, Botox has been approved by the FDA to treat this sweating disorder. You can also use it to make yourself sweat less from your feet and hands.

Bladder Issues

An overactive or leaky bladder is often the result of issues with your muscles, which is why Botox has proven effective at treating bladder problems. At least among women, targeted Botox injections can reduce the amount of bladder leaks you suffer each day dramatically. There is a danger, though, that such injections will reduce bladder function too much, so make sure to review the risks of Botox injections with your cosmetic dentist in Little Rock before you use it for this purpose.

Skin Inelasticity

Even when Botox is used for purely cosmetic purposes, its benefits go far beyond removing wrinkles. The treatment makes your facial skin tighter and more elastic, contributing to a youthful look.

Arkansas Family Dental offers Botox and fillers for these and a myriad of other purposes. For more information or to sign up for a treatment, contact us by calling 501-683-8886 today.

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