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What to Do if You Chip a Tooth?

When a chipped tooth occurs, you can prevent further complications by using the right combination of self-care tactics, and by acquiring same day dental care in Little Rock right away.

A chipped tooth can occur due to acute trauma to the mouth or even biting down wrong on crunchy or hard foods. Although the chip may not immediately cause pain, you face a high risk of breaking the tooth further without obtaining immediate care from a dental emergency provider in Little Rock. Your emergency dentist can fix the damage and create a care plan for the prevention of similar incidents. If you chip a tooth, the steps below are here to help you out.

Relieve Pain and Inflammation with Over the Counter Pain Medications

If you only lose enamel material from your tooth, you may not experience pain right away, as the nerves remain protected within the dentin layer. If you are in pain, however, you can use over the counter pain medication to relieve your discomfort and reduce inflammation in the surrounding area. You can always contact your emergency dental service provider in Little Rock to determine the best medication to use for the pain until you can make it into a clinic for care.

Eat a Soft Food Diet Temporarily

If you need to eat prior to seeing your dental emergency provider in Little Rock, only consume soft foods that will not break your tooth more. If you need to take over the counter pain medications, you will definitely need to eat beforehand to protect your digestive tract and help the medicine work properly. You may eat yogurt, pudding, soup, and other soft foods to help protect your now vulnerable tooth from damage. Once you have the damage repaired by your dentist you can likely resume eating your normal diet, depending on your aftercare instructions.

Place Wax Over the Sharp Edges of Your Broken Tooth

The location and depth of the chip may leave sharp edges that could damage your tongue and other soft oral tissues. You can use dental wax to cover the edges until you can acquire emergency dental services. The wax will also help protect the dentin layer and beyond from liquids and air, which can make existing pain feel much worse. Wax can be found at any local drug store or pharmacy.

Acquire Same Day Dental Care in Little Rock

Although a chipped tooth feels traumatic, same day dental care allows you to get fixed up fast. You can acquire emergency dental services in Little Rock by calling the Arkansas Family Dental team at (501) 683-8886. Your dental care provider will quickly repair your chipped tooth so that you can continue on your way without delay.

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