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[Video] Dr. Ludford


I’m Dr. Joshua Ludford. I’m the new associate dentist here at Arkansas Family Dental. I’m from Conway, grew up there, but I now live in Little Rock. I have a wife and a little baby girl. In my free time, I like to hang out with family. I like to go to the lake and I do like to slalom ski every once in a while. Hang out with the dog. A lot of family stuff is really kind of what I focus my free time on.

The way I was introduced to Arkansas Family Dental is through Dr. Pollard. We actually went to high school together and ended up going to dental school together as well. She really just spoke very highly of the practice and the environment in which she worked. That was an opportunity that I saw that I really couldn’t pass up. Afterward, I met Dr. Mascagni and Dr. Nichols and they really cemented that idea that it really is a unique place to grow my skills and provide services.

What makes Arkansas Family Dental unique to me is the amount of teamwork that goes on in the practice. There’s such a huge support system from a technical point of view and from a general comradery of the staff. What I like to focus on is making patients feel comfortable in getting treatment because there is a stigma of dental treatment and it’s nice when you can show someone a different side of dentistry then they thought they knew.

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