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Temporary Crown vs. Permanent Crown: What’s The Difference?

 Whether temporary or permanent, dental crowns protect your recently repaired tooth from damage. You can move through the restorative dentistry process with confidence by learning more about these two important devices.

When you have major repairs performed on your decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth, your dentist in Little Rock will protect the structure with a dental crown. The crown will be temporary at first to provide immediate protection before the permanent one comes back from the lab. Once the permanent crown arrives, your dentist in Little Rock will fix it in place using a secure adhesive. Learn more about these two dental crown types to proceed with your restorative and preventive dental care needs.

Structure of Temporary Dental Crowns

Dentists utilize universal crown forms to create temporary dental crowns for the protection of your tooth. The universal forms allow the crown to fit over the remainder of the prepared tooth, though it might not perfectly mate against the opposite tooth. The fabrication and adjustment process allow for a comfortable fit while you wait for the creation of your permanent crown.

Overall Dental Crown Material Strength

Since temporary crowns only need to stay in place for a short time, they are made from composite resin or acrylic material. The temporary crown will withstand typical bite forces as you chew without deforming or falling apart. The material is not recommended for long term protection of the repaired tooth, however.
Permanent crowns are much stronger than temporaries are, as they are typically made from stainless steel, gold or platinum alloys, ceramic or porcelain, and metal composites. The strength of these permanent materials prevents chips and breaks in the outer protective surface of your restored tooth.

Comfortable and Secure Fitment of Permanent Crowns

Your dentist will ensure your permanent crown perfectly mates against its opposite tooth and fits firmly on your repaired tooth material by taking impressions to send to the lab. The lab uses your exact dental impressions to create the permanent crown for your dental crown repair procedure. Upon receipt of the crown, your dentist will set up a fitting appointment. The fitment process involves the use of ultra-strong dental adhesive to permanently affix the crown over the prepared tooth.

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With a dental crown in place, you can rest assured that your restored tooth will remain protected from damage for the long term. You can start the dental crown repair process in Little Rock by scheduling an appointment with your skilled dentist. Contact the team at Arkansas Family Dental by calling at (501) 683-8886 to schedule your visit to our clinic and start your journey toward improved dental health.

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