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Signs It’s Time for a Deeper Cleaning

Say for the sake of argument you decide to never go to the dentist again. Not necessarily the safest idea, but who needs a dentist as long as you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, right?

You brush two times a day…

Maybe, three?…

Perhaps you try brushing and flossing in between meals, too. Surely, that is all you need.

And yet, even after all that effort, it seems like your mouth is never clean enough to prevent things like tooth decay or gum disease.

You go to your family dentist in Little Rock feeling understandably frustrated, and ask why, despite your best efforts, your teeth are still falling prey to these dental detriments. If you go to a place like Arkansas Family Dental, a friendly member of the staff will explain that, even though regular brushing and flossing are important to your oral hygiene, there are just some tools and resources that you can only found in a dentist office—ones that can make a huge difference in preventing these common but serious conditions. If you are experiencing these problems, even though you take great care of your teeth at home, you may be overdue for a routine cleaning.

In a perfect world, you should go to a dentist for a cleaning every six months, and have your family dentist close at hand in case of an emergency.

Common Dental Problems

Lack of routine dental care, and failure to make those yearly or bi-annual trips to the dentist can lead to many problems, including:

    • Bad breath: Rooting from a dental condition like gum disease, oral cancer, dry mouth, cavities, or even just bacteria on your tongue, bad breath could masking an even bigger problem.
    • Tooth decay: One of the most prevalent diseases in the U.S., tooth decay happens when plaque starts producing acid that attacks and destroys your enamel.
    • Tooth Erosion and Sensitivity: Erosion occurs when your tooth has lost its structure because of the aforementioned, enamel-attacking acid. You can feel erosion from tooth sensitivity all the way to cracking. Sensitivity usually manifests as pain felt from consuming cold, hot, or sweet foods. You can also experience discomfort while brushing.
    • Gum disease: Also known as periodontal disease, this gum infection can actually lead to tooth loss. If you notice bad breath, swollen, bleeding, and tender gums, as well as sensitive teeth, you might have gum disease.
    • Cancer: Oral cancer can obviously be deadly, but it is also curable and treatable. Alcohol and tobacco use are huge risk factors that increase the risk of contracting this disease. Cancer of the mouth or throat can cause sores, lumps, or rough areas in the mouth.

Your Little Rock family dentist can not only help treat you for any of the conditions listed above, but can also help you in a dental emergency. Whether you are suffering from a broken, cracked, or missing tooth, your dentist can help you.

However, if you have experienced trauma to your jaw by means of a fracture or dislocation, or severe cuts to your mouth, tongue, or lips, you should probably visit the Emergency Room first.

Whether you want to brighten or straighten your smile, or if you have noticed any of the conditions listed above, it is likely time for a deeper cleaning.

Symptoms and Signs for a Deeper Cleaning

Be sure to check your teeth on a regular basis to see if you notice any of these symptoms:

    • Gums that are bright red, purple, or bleeding could be signs of periodontal disease. The color of your gums should always be a soft pink.
    • If your gums hurt or bleed when you brush, chew, or other activities, then you might have gum disease.
    • Inflamed or puffy-looking gums can also be a sign of a bigger problem.

Slight bone loss can indicate a case of gingivitis. The way a dentist checks for this is by using a periodontal probe instrument to check the distance between your tooth and gum.

What To Do When You Notice The Signs

If you notice these symptoms, you should get in touch with your dentist in Little Rock for a fluoride treatment.

Everyone, no matter at what age, can experience some sort of tooth decay.

To help prevent decay from developing or getting any worse, you should consult your dentist about a fluoride treatment.

You may be particularly at risk and in need of a fluoride treatment if you are going through radiation treatment for cancer, have gum recession or sensitive teeth, have dental crowns, braces or bridges, or have dry mouth.

So, why wait?

If you are ready to schedule your appointment with a welcoming staff in a friendly environment, our staff at Arkansas Family Dental is here to treat you and your family. Together, we can help you create a dental plan that fits both your needs and your budget. At Arkansas Family Dental, we want to be your go-to provider for all your dental needs.

Make Your Appointment With Us

Consult with one of our dentists, or make an appointment for a deeper cleaning. To ensure that the effects of a cleaning last as long as possible, make sure you schedule a checkup and cleaning appointment every six months.

If you notice any symptoms, you should contact us as soon as possible. At Arkansas Family Dental, we believe that everyone should be able to manage their dental care without fear of pain or cost.

So, if you need a tooth pulled, a teeth cleaning, or an emergency dental visit, contact Arkansas Family Dental for a clean, pain-free, and happier life.

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