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Finding the Best Dentist in Little Rock for My Family

By asking your friends for recommendations, browsing online reviews, and contacting practices with your questions, you will be able to find the best Little Rock dentist to fit your needs.

To successfully find the best dentist in Little Rock, research has to be done every step of the way so that you can make an informed decision. Your main concern will be whether or not the dentist can provide you and your family with the services that are most beneficial. Before you make such an important health care choice, you need to understand the dentist’s values and ask key questions to determine if the fit is right.

Does the Dentist Have a Good Reputation?

The first thing to look for is a dentist with a good reputation in the community. As you browse sites like Facebook, Google+, or Yelp, look for a Little Rock dentist with a majority of reviews that are positive. You can easily find out what previous patients think of a dentist by reviewing their ratings and comments. It’s not possible for a dentist to please every one of her patients 100% of the time, so don’t be discouraged if you see a few negative reviews. Since most dentists obtain new patients by word-of-mouth referrals, you can also ask your friends, family, or co-workers about dentists in the Little Rock area.

Once you have a few names on your short list, you can verify the licenses and practice of each dentist. Your state has a board of dental examiners that registers this information, and you can learn more by visiting the board’s website.

Are the Services You Need Provided?

The next step will be to find out about the services provided by the dentist. You can always browse for answers online, but you should also call their office and ask several important questions, such as the following:

  • Where did the dentist receive her education and training?
  • How long has the dentist been practicing?
  • What type of dentistry does she practice?
  • What is the patient age range accepted at the practice?

In addition to providing dental hygiene services and performing restorative dental procedures, the best dentist can also treat non-life-threatening emergencies the very same day they occur. This means the practice has a dental professional who can replace damaged fillings, extract a damaged tooth, repair broken dental appliances, and perform emergency root canals.

Before you make an appointment for emergency treatment or a regular teeth cleaning, don’t forget to ask about the available payment options. The best dentist in Little Rock will offer you a wide range of options and accept dental insurance, major credit cards, and provide alternative payment plans.

Is There a Comfortable Family Atmosphere?

To find out if you like the atmosphere of a particular office, usually you will need to visit the premises in person, unless the office offers an online tour of the facility. The entire office should be neat and clean, including the dental equipment. The practice should also have the latest and best technology available, demonstrating that your dentist continues her education and keeps up with new advances within dentistry. This means procedures will be performed as safely as possible and that you will be made comfortable throughout the experience.

Keeping patients happy, providing an array of dental services and options, and utilizing the latest technology in a safe atmosphere are all important values at Arkansas Family Dental. Make an appointment with the best Little Rock dentists by contacting Arkansas Family Dental or calling 501-683-8886.

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