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Everything You Need to Know About Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can create frustrating problems, including speech issues, eating difficulties, and cosmetic concerns. Multiple missing teeth in the same section of the mouth become particularly troublesome, but partial dentures can offer a promising solution.

If you are suffering from a sizable gap in your smile as a result of missing teeth, you may want to discuss partial dentures with your Little Rock dentist. Made from metal or plastic, partial dentures are anchored to your real teeth with metal clasps to fill the gap seamlessly and restore your mouth to its full functionality. Partial dentures are an alternative to dental bridges or implants, while still offering the appearance of real teeth. The following information will help you decide whether partial dentures are a great fit for you.

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

If you are interested in using partial dentures to correct a gap in your teeth, the first step is a thorough dental exam. Your dentist will look for any problems that could interfere with your ability to wear partial dentures comfortably. Your dentist will then use a loose denture base and wax teeth rims to simulate the appearance of your actual dentures. They will place these replicas in your mouth and adjust them until they fit your teeth precisely. The dentist will then ship the rims from Little Rock to a manufacturer, who will use them as a model for your real dentures.

When the first version of your dentures is ready, your dentist will embed the teeth in wax, fit them in your mouth, and take measurements before once again sending them back to the manufacturer to make adjustments. After these final changes are complete, the dentist will install the partial dentures in your mouth and adjust them periodically over the next few months.

How Should I Care for Partial Dentures?

As with regular dentures, you must perform regular care and cleaning routines to keep your partial dentures in optimal condition. Some important steps include:

  • Regular Wear: When you first receive a set of partial dentures, your dentist will probably tell you to leave them in for an extended period. This will allow you to identify places where they are hurting your mouth so your dentist can make adjustments accordingly. Once the dentures are fully adjusted, you must wear them during the day and take them out at night to soak in water or a dental cleaning solution.
  • Consistent Cleaning: In addition to soaking the dentures at night, you must regularly brush them with a soft-bristle toothbrush and denture paste. Do not use regular toothpaste, which is too abrasive and could lead to damage.
  • Frequent Checkups: Your mouth will continue to change as you age, making it necessary to adjust partial dentures at your Little Rock dentist’s office. Schedule regular dental appointments, and if you find any mouth sores near the dentures, inform your dentist immediately.
  • Concerning Damage: Following these care tips will minimize the chance of damage to your partial dentures, but there is always a risk. If they break, inform your dentist immediately and request a repair or replacement. Do not continue wearing broken dentures or try to fix them yourself, as this could damage your real teeth.

How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

The cost of partial dentures varies depending on your exact situation, but the average price is typically between $700 and $1,800. Your insurance may cover a portion of the cost if your dentist has determined that your partial dentures are medically necessary. You may also be eligible for other financing options for dental patients that can make the perfect smile more affordable.

If you are interested in partial dentures in Little Rock, contact Arkansas Family Dental by calling 501-683-8886 and scheduling an appointment with a member of our helpful staff.

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