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The Benefits of Conventional Dentures Versus Immediate Dentures

If you need dentures, at Arkansas Family Dental you have options. Weigh the comfort and cosmetic benefits of conventional dentures against the cost and convenience of immediate dentures to make the best decision for you.

For patients exploring options for custom dentures in Little Rock, you need to consult an experienced dentist who understands your needs. The dilemma of selecting between investing in conventional dentures or immediate dentures will ultimately be answered by considering what is most important to you. If you’re looking for a solution that will be durable, comfortable, cost-effective, and personalized, then custom conventional dentures are going to be the most beneficial choice for your dental care.

Why Should You Choose Custom Dentures?

When you have made the decision that it is time for you to get dentures, you should consider more than just price when comparing the benefits of conventional dentures and immediate dentures. Think more about how the two measure against each other when it comes to their lasting appearance, durability, and health benefits before you settle for the cheapest option:

  • Immediate dentures are custom-made in advance of placement in order to be ready for use as soon as possible, therefore they can’t take into consideration the exact measurements of your mouth.
  • Immediate dentures have to be realigned and adjusted several months after teeth are removed to allow bones and gums to shrink and heal.
  • Immediate dentures are really only best if used temporarily, not long term.
  • Conventional dentures incorporate subtle details to fit your mouth and bite, allowing you to choose the size, shade, and type of artificial teeth used.
  • Conventional dentures usually take 2 to 4 months to measure, mold, and fit, but with proper care and maintenance, can last for many years.

The professional staff at Arkansas Family Dental is very mindful of every important aspect to consider when creating the best looking, fitting, and lasting custom dentures. For this reason, our expert opinion is to always take the time necessary for having a full set of custom conventional dentures prepared to you in order to offer you the best long-term benefits.

Why Select Custom Dentures Now?

By selecting to get custom dentures now from a dentist at our Little Rock dental practice, you can:

  • Reduce the likelihood that your remaining teeth will shift in your mouth and cause more pain.
  • Improve your overall oral health and quality of life
  • Boost your confidence and peace of mind

One of the additional benefits of selecting custom dentures is the variety of available options aside from the conventional and traditional. If more of your teeth are healthy and intact, you can also have custom partial dentures made, which are conveniently removable and custom fabricated to blend in with your natural teeth. Sometimes bridges or dental implants will be the best custom options, but you can always consult your dentist for the best advice.

Make an appointment at Arkansas Family Dental to discuss custom dentures or call 501.683.8886 to discover which options will be the best solution for you. Let our staff welcome you and treat you like our own family by meeting all of your dental needs today.
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