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A Contest For Care: Arkansas Family Dental’s Mother’s Day Makeover Contest

Most people don’t think of dental work as a Mother’s Day gift, but consider all the benefits there would be for your mother. A visit to the dentist isn’t just about scraping away plaque; it’s also about identifying and stopping major dental problems before they get out of control, as well as a beautiful smile.

Through the Mother’s Day Makeover Contest, Arkansas Family Dental gave grateful kids across Little Rock a chance to offer their moms health, beauty, and confidence.

The Mother’s Day Makeover Contest

Arkansas Family Dental patients had a chance to enter their mothers into a contest for a dental makeover. Taking part in the contest involved submitting a photo of their moms, preferably one in which they were smiling. Contestants also had to write an essay about why they thought their mothers deserved a smile makeover.

Once all of the photos and essays had been submitted, the Arkansas Family Dental team narrowed them down to three winners. They then contacted the three winning women, some of whom didn’t even know that they’d been entered in the contest, to schedule a consultation. At the consultation, they examined the winners’ teeth and determined exactly what they would have to do to give them a beautiful smile.

Dental Enhancements for Some of the Best Moms in Arkansas

Each of the winners received different services, depending on how healthy their teeth were and what specific dental problems they were dealing with. But all had positive things to say about their experience with Arkansas Family Dental, reporting that they were smiling more after getting their dental makeover. The three mothers found that their friends thought they were happier than ever before. They realized it was because they were smiling so much more often! By filling in missing teeth, cleaning away plaque, and brightening teeth up, Arkansas Family Dental gave them the confidence they needed to smile throughout their daily lives.

Like many people, some of these women had suffered from dental problems throughout their lives, and figured there wasn’t anything they could do about it. The Arkansas Family Dental team inspected their teeth and addressed all such problems as comprehensively as possible, improving dental health across the board.

By winning the contest, these women realized just how powerful dental care can be. They now have the motivation to keep coming back for more checkups and to take proper care of their teeth for years to come.

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