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Manual or Electric: Which Toothbrush is Better for Kids

As you spend your time helping your child establish excellent brushing habits at home, you may want to redirect your attention to the toothbrush type and quality to achieve the best results. This guide will assist you in finding the best toothbrush for kids to maximize the health of their teeth and gums.

You can focus on your child’s brushing technique and efficiency to determine whether a manual or electric toothbrush will work best. Use this guide from your provider of dental care for children in Little Rock to help you determine the right toothbrush for your child.

Manual Toothbrush Efficiency in Cleaning Teeth

The efficiency of a manual toothbrush depends on your child’s ability to use the right amount of pressure and correct brush strokes. Your child should not press too hard or too soft to remove plaque without damaging the exterior enamel surface. Even with a soft bristle brush and the correct movements, brushing too hard can damage the enamel and expose the soft dentin layer.

The Electric Toothbrush Difference

An electric toothbrush, on the other hand, allows your child to simply move the device around the correct areas and achieve great results. The spinning head on the brush correctly performs the circular motion required for excellent plaque removal. You will need to ensure your child understands to only provide just enough pressure to allow the bristles to hit all areas of the teeth. Otherwise, this type of toothbrush can still result in damage to the enamel.

Choosing the Best Toothbrush for Your Kids

As you observe your child brushing his or her teeth, provide direction and note the areas in need of improvement. Your provider of dental services for kids in Little Rock can help you guide your child on the correct brushing technique to use. If you are confident your child can effectively use a manual brush, stick with that option. Otherwise, switch to electric and see how it goes. You should ask for your child’s input and choose the toothbrush type they prefer and can use the best.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist for Children in Little Rock

In the end, all that matters is that your child has a great time brushing and commits to regular dental care sessions at home. You can receive help with establishing these routines from your kind and compassionate dentist for children in Little Rock. Schedule a dental care appointment for your kids by calling (501) 683-8886 to speak to the team at Arkansas Family Dental. By acquiring dental services for kids in Little Rock, you can give your child the best chance at enjoying healthy teeth and gums for life.

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